Social Mission


To encourage responsible drinking habits among consumers, ensuring we have a balanced understanding of alcohol-related issues and help reduce the minority of drinkers who misuse alcohol.

We aim to consistently deliver high standards of best practice and fulfil the essential role of ensuring the responsible marketing and promotion.


Our sustainable mission is to produce a premium hard seltzer of the highest quality while taking care of the planet at the same time.

In our supply chain, we aim to partner with only businesses who share our common sustainability goals and here at Lot 42, we pride ourselves at being plastic free. Our can are fully recyclable and our outer cartons are cardboard only with minimal printing.


To support organisations that promote opportunity, diversity and resettlement. Each year it is our mission to set aside 1% of our profits to donate to charitable organisations that share our ambition.

Rainbow Railroad is a Canadian charitable organization that helps lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals escape violence and persecution in their home countries.


Listen with Lot 42 is an initiative which gives struggling DJs a platform to promote their music, inviting them to perform a set which will be recorded and streamed online. We cover all set-up, costs and video production, which DJs can then use and share.